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Realty & Property Management

Your Satisfaction is my first priority when it comes to managing your investment.

If you are looking for a manager you can easily reach and communicate with, who will keep you isolated from the daily problems of property management, Bluebonnet is what you're looking for. Through phone calls, emails and letters I will keep you informed of the status of your property. Together as partners we will maximize your Income, minimize expenses, and strive to keep your property occupied and well maintained.

Bluebonnet Realty and Property Management
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About The Owner

Your satisfaction is my first priority when it comes to managing your investment

This is a long-term business for me, a dream of many years. My dad had several rental properties, so I grew up repairing and working on homes. I personally own rental property and have managed properties for other investors since 2001. I specialize in family homes and duplexes.

My wife Karen and I have been married over 55 years. For 20 of those years, I served as an Associate Pastor of two large churches. I was involved in the normal counseling and teaching ministries, but my main responsibility was in constructing buildings and overseeing their repair. I was the staff person in charge of day-to-day design, coordination, and construction of 5 major buildings, along with several smaller remodeling projects. I have also worked for a general remodeling contractor where I did design work and estimates for both residential and commercial properties.

My goal is to treat each property I manage as if it were my own, keeping long term residents, which helps control expenses and maximize profits. Good tenants are the key element to any successful rental property investment. We work with owners and tenants to maintain a long-term relationship.

I say all this to let you know about my experience. Whatever repairs may be required I will see to it they are done properly in a cost-effective manner. I have a personal relationship with a general handyman, a licensed HVAC, electrician, and plumber. I say this because I trust them to not charge us for anything that is not absolutely necessary.

We look forward to hearing from you and handling your investment properties.

Ron Koehn, Broker


Managing Fees and Rate Schedule

Our Managing Fees:
  • 10% of monthly rent
  • Property Lease Fee: 50% of one month's rent
  • No reserve or minimum monthly fee required
With Bluebonnet Property Management

there are no setup fees and we do not collect management fees on vacant properties. When a tenant has signed a rental agreement and has moved in, we receive 50% of one month's rent to cover the cost of showing your property, providing background checks, advertising, and to pay other realtors who help us lease your property.

Benefits of Bluebonnet Realty and Property Management:

Property Evaluations:

We access the condition of your property and select contractors to make the necessary repairs in preparation for the new tenants. For any major repairs/upgrades, we present recommendations and options to the owner.


There are no additional fees for advertising. We list rental properties on MLS and network closely with several area realtors. Your property will also appear on, and other consumer websites.

Careful Tenant Screening:

Our thorough tenant application process includes: full credit report, income verification, criminal background check and a review of previous rental history.


Tenants can call us directly for repair needs. We use reliable contractors to do the repairs as inexpensively as possible.


Unfortunately, even families that are well qualified when they move in can encounter serious situations. Loss of employment, major health issues and divorce are the most common in our experience, but as you can imagine, there are many others. In many cases, one of the results is financial instability.

We work with each family on an individual basis trying our best not to use the eviction process, as that is costly to the owner. However, when they cannot pay, and do not move, often times the only recourse is to take legal action. We will act as the owner’s agent through the eviction process.

Computerized Accounting:

Detailed statements are provided each month. You will receive a year-end 1099 statement for your tax purposes.

At BLUEBONNET, Your Satisfaction is our first priority when it comes to managing your investment.

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